Fairfax Gallery

“A great wind lifted these cardboard panels Horizontal in the air. At once the perspective with the horse Disappeared in a bigarrure of squiggly lines. The image with the crocodile in it became no longer apparent.”
John Ashbery – Excerpt from The Skaters
Conceived around ideas of play and improvisation, the show brings together 4 painters.
Discovery through process is at the core of the work. Pulling source material from their surroundings, each artist improvises in the space between the figurative and abstract. Visual clues encourage the viewer to encounter the unfamiliar. Fleeting glimpses into histories and unfounded narratives construct a space where artist and viewer are met by memory, history and reminders of place.
Digressive journeys lead to open ended dialogues where the possibilities are infinite. Configurations of gestures tirelessly work to reveal and hide themselves, demonstrating that they are alive, reflective, united and diverse. Like watching ice skaters vary their distances, each artist takes their separate line forward before returning to the mass.

Preview 26 January 2018, 6—9pm
Exhibition 27 January—2 February 2018 (by appointment)

14 Fairfax St Bristol BS1 3DB